West Brookfield Massachusetts

A Town for All Seasons

Police Department

Please note:

In accordance with West Brookfield Town By-Laws Chapter X, Sections 11 & 12:

Section 11
"Snow or ice removed from driveways, public ways, streets, roadways, sidewalks or private property shall not be plowed, shoveled or blown into a public way, street or roadway so as to create a safety hazard or obstacle to normal travel. (Adopted 8/25/80) (Amended 12/28/99)"

Section 12
"Snow or ice removed from driveways, sidewalks or private property shall not be plowed, shoveled or blown across any public way, street or roadway. (Adopted 5/15/78)"


2 E. Main St.

Po Box 671

West Brookfield, Ma 01585

Chief C. Thomas O'Donnell

Phone: 508-867-1405                           Fax:     508-867-1406

Dispatch: 508-867-1170



Firearms Licensing: Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. or by appointment.

FID/LTC issue/renewal fee $100.00; no renewal fee for those 70 years old and over.

Chemical spray issue fee $25.00; no renewal fee.

Cash, check, or money order only.  Make checks payable to the "Town of West Brookfield".