West Brookfield Massachusetts

A Town for All Seasons

Recreation Committee

The West Brookfield Recreation Committee Tis a five-member volunteer appointed board. The committee is responsible for general recreation policy, assisting where possible with West Brookfield recreational sports teams and the town beach. 

All meetings are open to the public and strongly encourage all youth sports team Presidents to attend. The committee is always looking for ways to serve the Towns recreational needs, which includes maintenance of the town beach and recreational sports facilities. If you have any questions or concerns, suggestions or input please feel free to contact us!

Committee Members: 
  • Jerry Czub
  • Ryan Laroche
  • Lori Piazzo
  • Kevin Sloan
  • Kristen Sloan

West Brookfield Town Beach

The West Brookfield Recreational Committee is responsible for the general maintenance of the Town Beach. Click the link above for more information about the lifeguard operating hours, rules, etc.