West Brookfield Massachusetts

A Town for All Seasons

Board of Registrars

Sarah Allen

Jane Dolan

Madelyn Tivnan

The Board of Registrars maintains the voter registration database and annual street listing. 

To register to vote please complete a voter registration card with the Town Clerk's office or complete one when you do business with the Registry of Motor Vehicles. They will transmit your voter registration card electronically to the Board of Registrars.

Completed registration cards may be dropped off at the Town Clerk's office or mailed to:

Board of Registrars, PO Box 766, West Brookfield, MA 01585

The Board may be contacted during office hours of the Town Clerk at 508-867-1421 X 302 or by email at bor@wbrookfield.com

The Board of Registrars meets on Tuesday at 9:00 AM, as needed.